It is essential to choose a Wedding Photographer wisely!

We will ensure that you get quality photographs you really want to keep and treasure.
We are passionate about taking photographs of people, especially at weddings!
Our team of two Pro-Photographers will cover your whole day from different angles, using advanced digital equipment. Not a single moment will be missed!

We would be delighted to capture every laugh and every tear on your Special Day. With our help you can experience your Wedding Day over and over again, seeing yourself in a light you have not seen before and noticing details that otherwise you would have missed.

Here at Charming Wedding Photography, we specialise in different photographic styles, and yu can choose whichever you feel is right for you and your partner:

  • Relaxed contemporary style
  • Romantic, classic style
  • Unobtrusive reportage style or a bespoke combination of the above

We also offer a pre-wedding photo-shoot session as a part of our service.
A pre-wedding photo session does several things:

  • It boosts your confidence by showing you how photogenic you can be when photographed professionally.
  • It strikes a rapport between you and your photographer, and helps us to understand your preferences.
  • You will have some lovely photographs before the Wedding Day !

Now meet your photographic team:

Anna is a well established photographer with a wealth of experience. She is also highly qualified, having graduated with B.A. Honours in Photography and Digital Arts. At Westminster University. She is officially registered with Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers, and British Press Photographic Association. Ever since she was a little girl, Anna has loved going to weddings and looking at beautiful brides both with curiosity and admiration. Anna feels privileged to be able capture your most wonderful moments, and to ensure that with her combination of enthusiasm and professionalism, that the magic of your Wedding Day will never fade away.

Danielle is also a qualified Wedding Photographer. She is passionate about photography and initially developed her interest in subject in Norway, inspired by country’s natural beauty. In year 1999, she decided to enhance her knowledge in photography, and completed 3 years of Photographic studies at the Working Man’s College in London. She went on to earn a diploma in Photography at Westminster Kingsway College. Her interest in Wedding Photography developed from her enjoyment of being with people both professionally and socialy.

Therefore, you can enjoy vibrant and stylish Wedding Photography at a very reasonable price.